Something I LOVE about succulents is that they can produce new plant babies on their own. This process is called propagation. There are two main ways to propagate and they are from leaves or from cuttings. 


– you can take leaves that have fallen off a plant or remove them yourself from the stem
– make sure to wiggle the leaf off so the leaf has a clean cut from the stem. If the leaf is damaged it will not propagate
– allow the leaf to callous over at the end
– place on top of soil
– set in filtered sunlight and spray with water every few days


– stem cuttings
– with a clean, sharp pain of scissors cut the top of plant stem
– allow the stem to callous over (3-5 days)
– place the callous stem cutting in soil and water every few days
– roots will start to grow from the stem cutting and grow a new plant!
– remove the leaves from the remaining stem to propagate, sometimes the naked stem will produce new plants too!